The Girls of SNSD Turned Their Backs on Jessica

On Ssul Jeon, Kim Gu Ra made a perfect comment on what betrayal means for idols. Specifically, he spoke concerning Jessica and the way she was fired. He said,

When you look at conflicting situations for idols, the member in question has no one to lean on but the fans and other members, but in this case, the members turned their backs on her, right? If you look at it from the big picture, it is not a beautiful farewell. I felt that, as expected, all groups are just groups for profit.

It isn’t a beautiful farewell. It’s more than just the loss of a job; it’s the loss of friendship. And that’s the biggest thorn in my side over this. It isn’t because Jessica is no longer part of the group. I was never particular a fan. But she was part of the Girls Generation family, and you sort of buy into that idea over the years.

Unfortunately, Gu Ra is right: They really are all about profit. Family is the marketing angle. The decade they spent together doesn’t seem to have changed that or brought them any closer than arm’s length.

Jessica’s desire to invest her future beyond that of an entertainer seems to have been the catalyst in the confrontation. Push came to shove and not even for the sake of the fans were they willing to sort out their differences. Ok, fine. They no longer see eye-to-eye. But their solution is to cut her out completely?

Out of the group. Out of their lives.

It is the worst type of send-off for everyone.

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