SM vs Jessica: The Unofficial Conversation Revealed

For those who still can’t see through the deceptive statement from SM Entertainment regarding Jessica Jung’s firing from SNSD, I’ll break it down for you. In fact, I’ll put you right in the room of the discussion. Keep in mind, this is not an actual conversation, but rather one that most logically fits with what we’ve been told.

If we were to follow the discussions according to SM Entertainment’s statement, this would be the flow of the conversation. (To follow the logic of the scene, take note of the references that inspired the dialog.)

Jessica: I’m out! One more album and then it’s clothes, clothes, and more clothes for me.1

SM: We respect your decision.2 We will make it effective immediately.3

Jessica: No, no. One more album before I go.

SM: Are you still here? Our decision is final. No more activities with Girls Generation.4 And you keep your mouth shut.5

Jessica: The hell with you. [Jessica releases statement]

SM: Bitch!

SM: [Top brass meet to discuss Jessica’s rebellious ways]. Now what? We already prepared our lie to the Chinese fans of why Jessica could not attend the fan-meeting without revealing we fired her.6 She turns more American every day! Ok, fine. Let’s stick it to her good. Billy Bob! Prepare the standard statement of why we’re so right and she’s so wrong.7

Billy Bob8 [SM’s official press writer]: You betcha, Sir!

1. She [Jessica] has notified us she will halt her team promotions with the release of one [more] album.
2. Despite Jessica’s sudden notice, the agency and the Girls’ Generation members tried our best and tried to figure out a way that Girls’ Generation’s activities can continue in the best possible direction.
3. Despite ongoing talks, it has come to a point where the team could not be maintained.
4. From here on, our agency will continue to support and manage the 8-member Girls’ Generation…
5. [It is naturally inferred she was not allowed to talk about the decision because of the tone of SM Entertainment’s rebuttal that her statement was unexpected.]
6. …the agency had no choice but to pull up Girls’ Generation’s activities as 8 members earlier than planned. [The fan-meeting was upon them. They had no intention of telling the truth. They were trying to come up with an excuse without revealing the situation. But they were blind-sided by Jessica’s statement.]
7. In the midst of while working out when to announce this, Jessica had posted her words early this morning. [Naturally, they’re peeved. They raise these kids like cattle. When they say dance you dance; when they say sing you sing; and if they bite you on the butt, you keep your mouth shut about it. But turns out this kid bites back.]
8. Good ole Billy Bob. When it comes to compounding a problem, he is the one most expected to stick his foot in his mouth. I don’t know who the official writer is for SM Entertainment, but he seems to have as much sense as Jethro Bodine.


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