SM Entertainment Makes Things Worse

SM Entertainment’s rebuttals began in the same way CCM’s did when Hwayoung was unceremoniously kicked out of T-ara: They released an explanation that only compounded the problem.

They said Jessica wanted to focus on her business. (Ok, I can see that.) They said Jessica might do one more album. (Ok, if she wants to focus on her business, then yea, I can see that, too.) Then, they proceeded to give us a nonsensical statement to reason out why they desperately needed to fire Jessica in an effort to “protect” the girls. In their minds, this statement is irreproachable. After all, it contains the appropriate amount of sugar-coating: tried our best, had no choice, could not maintain. And it relays perfectly their intent to disassociate the Girls from their lead singer. Yet, something is missing…. Oh yea, “Bite me, Jessica!”

It isn’t an explanation. It’s an open letter to the fans to say, “We refuse to work this out because Jessica dared to tell you about what we did.”

Let’s take a look at some business logic. SM Entertainment is in the business to make money. To make money, they need fans. They must maximize their fan-based markets. So, let’s say for the sake of argument that Jessica announces she wants to leave. In a business sense, how do you benefit from such an announcement? You coordinate an album release with a farewell tour. You market it from top to bottom and drive album sales and ticket sales through the roof. You give the fans a tribute they will remember and come out smelling like roses.

Here is what you don’t do: As a business, where mature heads are supposed to reign, you do not become little boy blue and publicly announce you are through with your star pupil because she dared to show her frustration in a blog post. That’s what little Bobby Sue and Billy Bob do when they are mad at each other for half an hour.

The finality of tone in SM Entertainment’s rebuttal is unjustifiable. But more than that, the sum of the statement is an indirect slap in the face to every fan who cared for Jessica.

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