Taeyeon should step down!

In the wake of Jessica Jung’s firing, Taeyeon’s only hint at an explanation is within her sorrowful plea to fans, which stressed her desire to “Protect Girls Generation.” Protect from what? Was Jessica trying to vote out other members? Was she bringing in new blood to expand the group? Was she bad-mouthing the girls at press conferences? What protection so warranted such a desperate resolve as to fire Jessica and immediately cut her out of all Girls Generation activities? Was some horror so eminent that they should ruthlessly spit her out so that Girls Generation could live another day? Perhaps to some fool out there, Taeyeon’s words make perfect sense. But if so, I would suggest you have given into rhetoric. Yes, protecting the brand is good. Protecting the image of the group is good. But how does the immediate firing of a member help the brand or help the image? If anything, it is detrimental. There is nothing good to make of it, and no explanation will suffice.

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